Balotelli to the Chinese Super League please! / Augsburg 0 – 0 Liverpool


augsburg 0-0 liv
Pretty strong team but only managed a draw.

It was such a nothing match really. I cannot remember the number of times i nodded off. The only incident of note was the neat one-two between R Firmino and J Milner in the 53rd minute which resulted in Milner hitting a low cross across the penalty box for D Sturridge to fluff his side-foot with the goal gaping. It will clearly take sometime before Sturridge gets back to full match fitness so i think it is likely he will play again in the second-leg against Augsburg in a week’s time but not the full match. And then three days later we will meet Citeh in the League Cup Final at Wembley Stadium and he will most probably be our first choice striker.

Common sense is really not as common as you think so i am very happy that J Klopp came out recently and mentioned that he is going to be looking at options in wide areas at the end of the season. As everyone know P Coutinho and R Firmino are not wingers but rather inside-forwards who tend to cut-in to attack. So if we get some speedy wingers who go down the flanks more, we would be able to vary our attack and stretch the play when needed. At the moment J Ibe is the only real winger who is anywhere near the first team. We do have L Markovic who is doing well in Turkey with Fenerbache on loan. He will surely get a chance to impress our German manager when he comes back.

If i am C Benteke i would be happy with Klopp’s comments on the need for some wingers. At the moment because he doesn’t have the required movement up top , Benteke is clearly our third-choice striker behind Sturridge and D Origi. But against oppositions using a certain system when Klopp plays two wingers who can get pass their defenders down the flank and put in crosses, that would probably play to Benteke’s aerial strength. So it seems likely that Benteke still has a role to play in our team next season. And to be fair this is his first season wearing the Liverbird red, which is also a transition season for the team with Klopp coming in half-way to right the ship. Hopefully given more time to adapt to our system Benteke would develop into a really good striker for us.

And lastly, i do not want M Balotelli anywhere near our training ground again and the best outcome for us would be to sell him at a decent price to a rich Chinese Super League team. He is flamboyant. He is stupid. And therefore he will be awesome publicity for any Chinese club and more importantly the Chinese Super League itself if he plays there! I’m sure some super rich Chinese state enterprise would be willing to sponsor his transfer fee and wages? So what are you waiting for? Come on and give us your communist money now!

And here’s to seven days of celibacy until Augsburg visits us at Anfield.

augsburg coutinho.jpg
An opportunity wasted.

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